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Cycling Cap — Tri-Summer Zig Zag


Cycling Cap — Tri-Summer Zig Zag


The Tri-Summer cap is designed with hot weather riding in mind, hence the choice of the premium light mesh. 
The result: dry hair & ventilated head. Perfect for cycling, indoor training or run / bike triathlon segments.

It's so light & thin (just 15 grams!) that when worn under the helmet you forget you have it on.
Moreover, the visor provides an additional layer of protection against the sun, eyes and nose are shielded, especially when climbing with your sunglasses off.
A tiny inner soft sweatband while absorbing some of the sweat it also prevents from leaving a mark on your forehead.

It’s an ideal cap for triathletes as it packs very very small in the back pocket, it dries quickly & offers great sun protection during run and bike segments.
This is where it gets its name, "Tri" as in Triathlon.
Lastly, if you, like us, Zwift a ton indoor year round, the NGNM Tri-Cap is a must have as it keeps your hair back and your forehead free.

The Tri-Summer cap is fitted for women’s head sizes only (one size fits all).
Logo on one side and on the lower flip.

Made in Italy. 

Polyester 100% premium light mesh

Italian fabric

Color: Navy Blue, Powder Pink

Fits head size 51-56cm /20-22 inches  (the elastic on the back offers a bit more comfort and room for head sizes slightly larger). Additionally the mesh fabric offers a bit of stretch too.