Foam Rolling for Cyclists! (new w/video link)

Foam rolling class for cyclists!

After a month of lockdown and training indoors, it's time to treat those tight muscles from Zwifting too much!

We're offering a free FOAM ROLLING CLASS for CYCLISTS  Saturday April 18, at 18:00 CEST, hosted by Elle Linton/ Keep it simpElle

Elle class is fun @ different from an yoga or stretching session.
We'll be working through all muscles engaged in cycling using a foam roller.
If for some reasons you don't have one, you can use a tennis ball instead!

With a cross between stretching and a massage, it's time to pamper ourselves a little. Our muscles will thank up for this!

The class is free and 30-40min long and open to anyone, no particular skills needed!!

Enjoy the video replay at this link!


ngnm foam rolling for cyclists zoom class


"The journey into the self starts every morning on my meditation pillow or when i get on my bicycle! :-)"

Milly De Mori (NGNM Founder)

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