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NGNM is a lifestyle cycling brand dedicated to women with the ambition of connecting as many of us as possible around the globe, share the passion for the sport and grow together.

We often hear people ask us the same question... but why the name No Gods No Masters?

The slogan No Gods No Masters was used in the early 1900’s by Margaret Sanger, an activist at the time, to emancipate women both in the workplace and at home. 
Equal rights and equal pay, simple message.  Funny enough a century later we’re still striving for the same things.

We have taken the No Gods No Masters slogan into this cycling space in order to propel a new attitude towards ourselves forward.  Emancipation starts from within first.
NGNM is an echo of a mindset, an attitude for practicing this amazing sport, for achieving our goals and break free from that inner voice that sometimes whispers in our ears that it’s too hard and that we’re not enough... 

The grit, the sweat, the determination in managing our fatigue, that constant inner voice that tells us ‘you can do it’ ‘hang in there’, the joy of hearing a perfect smooth gear shift... This is what cycling is, a personal inner journey, a meditation in movement & No Gods No Masters is just a secret mantra to cross that imaginary line that we’ve set for ourselves!

NGNM is here to inspire, motivate, connect and having fun on the bike.

Lastly we want to offer women a "luxury" experience via top of the line gear crafted by the best Italian artisans & industry players. We believe that outstanding quality shows in the smallest details, in the fabric & components selection, in offering smart solutions 

We've been in the sport for a long time, when there wasn't any women specific gear and we had to compromise with the smallest men's sizes, often ending up  too large for us!
Thank god gone are those days, we've positively seen the market place change and take the first steps towards women's needs, but we believe, as female cyclists that we should aim for top quality of cycling goods.
No Gods No Masters is here to serve you.