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SEPTEMBER 25-28, 2020 Provence - France 
registration closes on June 30th, 2020 - last few spots!


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Mont Ventoux Challenge - Finishers Testimonials

Nina Wolfsberger


"it was probably the most beautiful, intense and satisfying experience on a bike I have ever had!
Steep, long, windy, spectacular! These are only 4 adjectives that spontaneously come to my mind when I think of Mont Ventoux!
But the most beautiful and satisfying word I can think of is: PRIDE!!! I'm proud of ME!!! Of me, because I have conquered this mountain despite tiredness, despite wind, despite aching legs.

Jess Fawcett


A beautiful, exciting and challenging adventure on the bike. A veritable rollercoaster of emotions, but the overriding one was joy! If you need a goal to aim for, make it this one. Especially women! So far, 13,841 men have completed the ride vs. 971 women! That's got to change.

Mendy Van Beers

The Netherlands

The Mont Ventoux! The magic mountain! I have climbed it 16 times in total.
Of which 5 x the Cinglé Club - the official challenge for 3 sides in one day.
We do this to raise money for the cancer fund. So for us it is something very special. Usually with my whole family, which makes it even more special.

Valerie Lamantia


A great challenge I will remember all my life!