#YOUCANTOO⚡️ CRISTINA - riding for the fun of it!

You Can Too: An NGNM series of inspirational stories from everyday women.

Ciao Christina! A graphic designer and art director, Christina loves riding for the fun of it, exploring new places and being inspired by the beauty of the surroundings. However, with a busy work life, getting out for a solo ride is also an important stress reliever. Does that sound familiar?

Let’s find out more.

Whats the biggest challenge youve overcome? - Whether thats mentally or physically.

When I had only been cycling for around a year (always on the road), I was lucky to win a place in a gravel race and decided to go for it! Although it doesn’t seem like a bad idea now, 80km with 1000m elevation and pretty rough surfaces with absolutely no previous experience at the time, was a huge challenge for me. I’m really glad I had the courage (or ignorance) to race it!

What 3 words would you use to describe cycling?


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We all have a person who we look up to or inspires us in cycling, who is that person for you?

Laura (@laucycle) was the person who got me into cycling. I had always envied people cycling on the road, but never had the courage to get a bike and try it myself. As a strong, independent and generous woman, Laura inspires me every day to go out further, push my limits and hit the gym for hard strength sessions.

If you could change one thing about cycling, what would it be?

Heavy head winds on the way home!

What's your "specialty"?

Long distance and sprints.

Do you ride solo?

I do and I love it for winding down after a long day! The first time I went out I did a route I had done before so I was sure it was manageable and safe (not many cars!). I kept the map on my Wahoo just in case!

You see another woman cyclist coming your way you...:

  1. say hello
  2. look the other way,
  3. nod
  4. scream hell yeah!

 I always say hello with a huge smile!

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