All the measurements below are for the garment itself. To select the right size, take a similar item, place it flat and measure it as done below.
This T-shirt is a different model/fit from the previous Mantra T-Shirt.
The fit is boxier and shorter, and

Overall most women in NGNM's size XS - S - M* will fit into tshirt size XS. 
Those wearing NGNM's M-L* will fit into size S.
while those in NGNM's L-XL* will fit into size M.
(*) depending on your bust size and fit of choice.

If you're ordering from outside of the EU, please make sure to connect with our customer service prior to ordering to ensure the correct sizing of our products.
Returns from outside the EU require a longer & costlier process.
Reach us via email , WHATSAPP (via the site widget) or CHAT (site widget).



Here's a benchmark guide to further help you with sizing according to your height and weight. This is based on past purchases and actual product fit. The range varies depending on your body shape (hourglass vs pear, vs rectangle), this is why there may be sizing overlap, which means you could fit both. Your choice will then boil down to how you like your fit, if more "snug" or more "comfortable".

If you're still unsure or you're in between sizes, please reach out to us and book a call or chat via Whatsapp with our Customer Service, who'll be able to help you further. Just click on Whatsapp Us icon on the right hand corner of the page.