July 24th 2021

Welcome to our NGNM DUOMO-STELVIO COMMUNITY - a place for you to find team-relay partners and join as a team in this magic experience on July 24 2021.

This is where you can post your ask for joining a team or looking for a teammate for yours.

We'd love to see all women ensembles but it's totally ok to form mixed teams with a minimum of one woman.

Simply comment below, be detailed as to who/what you're looking for.
It's helpful if you let everyone know what kind of rider you're (climber, long-distance, flat etc) and how many km/elev gain you're willing to cover.

This page has the objective of helping people find team or create new ones!
Remember to register here!

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"The journey into the self starts every morning on my meditation pillow or when i get on my bicycle! :-)"

Milly De Mori (NGNM Founder)

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