How to plan and have everything you need for 2+Hrs on Zwift

The NGNM Ven-Top Challenge is just a few days away, and here're a few tips on how to make it a successful ride, albeit long.

First of all, please know that in Europe we're moving our clocks forward 1hr on Sunday at 2am, which means that we're sleeping one less hour.
Change your clocks before you go to bed, so you're set.

Here're respective rides startup times :
• 8 am CEST - GMT (London) - 9 am CEST* GMT +1 (Milan, Berlin, Paris)

• 8 am PDT - (Los Angeles) - 4 pm CEST GMT (London), - 5 pm CEST GMT +1 (Milan, Berlin, Paris)
*CEST: Central European Standard Time - which is +1hr than the time now.

Ven-Top is the hardest climb on Zwift, more challenging than the Alpe for its long sections at double-digit gradients. Get the full low-down here.
We'll climb for 20km and a 1500m elevation gain, so get ready for 2+hrs on your turbo trainer, but if you plan the right setting, you'll have everything you need at hand.

• Proper ventilation
The good idea is to have two small fans positioned frontally on both sides and consider leaving your window open

• Sweat wicking / bacteriostatic jersey
Plan on sweating copiously. The suitable material next to the skin helps manage it and the bad odor, which is the result of bacteria growing in the fibers.
Made in Polartec Delta fabric, the NGNM Indoor Jersey or Tank top is your best choice. Not only will the sweat not stick to your skin thanks to the fabric 3D construction, but you won't smell either.

• Sweat management
Plan on having 2 or 3 clean towels next to you so that you can damp your face and arms with a dry fabric. Please know that cotton has longer drying times, so we find that microfiber better handles sweat. It dries quickly and is bacteriostatic.

• Nutrition before the event
Make sure you've fuelled for the event with a nutritious breakfast just like you'd have for an outdoor event. Plan it 1-1.30 hrs before starting.
However, start fuelling correctly from 2 days before the event, with a low carb diet rich in proteins and low in sugars.

• Nutrition during the event
Have a banana, dates, or homemade energy ball/bar at hand if you need extra energy in the last third of the ride.

• Fluids
Given you'll sweat 5x than riding outdoor, have 3 liters of water w/electrolights and the proper osmolality next to you (no sports drinks!) As Stacy Sims says, a sign of bonking is primarily due to dehydration rather than hunger. Your blood thickens, and your performance plunges. Instead of eating, drink first. Read this article by Stacy Sims on how to know more about how to hydrate properly.

• Chamois cream
It'd be a good idea to apply a chamois cream before the ride and protect your bum from being too long on the saddle. Turbo riding is very different from riding outside, as we're always pushing on the pedals and virtually no coasting. Hence more rubbing down there.

• Companion App open
Keeping the Zwift's Companion App open during the ride, you can join the chat, see where you're on the course, see who's around you and where the leader & sweeper are.
The chat is a great way to socialise and offer your help or ask for help during the ride.

• Music!
Nothing better than riding at the beat of great tunes! We've put together a Zwift-specific playlist on Spotify that you can access here.

More XP points!
The event finishes when you reach the top, but if you're looking to double your XP points (and closing on the level you're currently on), head back down for the descent! It's a long windy road where you can virtually stop pedaling and just let yourself go down.
You'll need to pedal only when gradient is below 7%, otherwise keep that tucked position and coast all the way down.

• Plan for 2.15-3 hrs on the saddle
It's going to be long, but never give up. We'll all make it to the top.
When climbing it's difficult to stick to a large group, but you'll find yourself creating your mini group with the riders near you.
Leaders and sweepers will be there to cheer for you regardless of if you're pedalling with them or not.

• Ask for help & helpers
Besides leader and sweeper, there'll be 2 NGNM helpers on the course. Look out for the NGNM next to their name. Unfortunately they're not recognisable with a banner of any sort.
Let's use Companion's chat to ask for help if you've lost the wheels of the group you're in, or any other issue you may have.
This is an inclusive ride and everyone is supportive. Just ask.

• In-App kit is available for purchase!
NGNM has designed a limited edition cycling jersey and running singlet for Women's History Month. You'll be part of a borderless peloton of amazing women celebrating past and future wins, both virtually and on the road!
Check it out here!

Wishing you a great ride, see you on Zwift!

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