NGNM x Zwift : A Month to Remember

Wow!  What an amazing month we just had celebrating women and women’s history month alongside Zwift! Our partnership for the month of March brought some amazing things out, most importantly, getting to work with and be part of the global women’s cycling community and welcome so many new faces in.

Why is women’s history month so important to us?  Not only because March 8 is International Women’s day, but because it’s a month to honour all of us, those before us, and those now, and to build together towards a better future.

In the last month we are so happy to have worked alongside Zwift to provide in-game kit for their Women’s ride and run series events.  To complement this we  designed  the real version cycling jersey and running singlet to proudly wear so every day on the saddle or running can be a small celebration of women’s history! The jersey sleeve features the words “United we are, lifting as we climb” for a reason:  Our vision for a borderless peloton of women who are supportive and cheer for each other becomes a reality not only in Zwift, but also on the open roads where the spirit of togetherness is key!

Here’re some of the milestones reached this past month:

  • We brought you a new plan on how to prep for indoor rides over 2 hours, read it here
  • 5 days / week of WRRS group rides that hundreds of thousand women joined during March 2021 wearing the NGNM Kit.

  • Designed a limited edition cycling jersey and running singlet for Zwift to celebrate women's past and present wins! On the sleeve it's printed one of our mantras : "United we are, lifting as we climb".

  • Organised and sponsored the NGNM Ven-Top Challenge on Zwift, and offered a free climbing training plan to get ready for it! Read more below...
  • Over on our social media channels we featured some amazing female figures, pioneers, trailblazers, and we shared their stories through achievements and tougher roads. 

We will continue to do so going forward.  Have you got someone in mind?  An amazing trailblazer? Get in touch with us on social media or drop us an email and we will add her to the list!  In the meantime, keep an eye out on our blog here for some more in depth profiles.

Get to know one of our Fab Females featured in March:

Today we take a closer look at Kathrine Switzer, a true  hero of the women’s rights movement. At the 1967 Boston Marathon she officially completed the then all-male race. She registered under the name KV Switzer, and she kept her gender unnoticed by officials at the start line.  Alas after a few miles an official noticed and tried to pull her off the course - but she persevered and finished the race. Inspiring women inspire others...

We ended the month with the NGNM Ven-Top Challenge on Zwift and had over 900 riders join us for an amazing day of climbing together, all over the world and taking on challenges hand in hand.
No one was left behind, everyone reached the top thanks to an amazing and supportive group. We truly were a borderless team going for the same goal!
As part of the challenge we built out a climbing training plan designed by our ambassador and coach Laura Gallardo on Training Peaks to prepare for the challenge! Here're the details.
We hope that by putting this event on we were able to motivate and encourage women from all over the world to set new challenges, and complete them!
We've had a ton of positive feedback and it’s been great to hear the encouragement and know that it all goes hand in hand: the acts of care and camaraderie, we truly are a global borderless peloton!

Thanks to everyone who joined us and made Women’s History Month special this year.  If you didn't get a chance to, we still have a few commemorative jerseys left. You can shop for the limited edition cycling jersey & running singlet at this link.

To old friends, thanks for sticking around and to new friends, welcome to our borderless sisterhood and ride on!

"The journey into the self starts every morning on my meditation pillow or when i get on my bicycle! :-)"

Milly De Mori (NGNM Founder)

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