If you've missed the 2 live workshops done by Michelle the Mechanic, here's your chance to catch up to speed and learn a few tricks on how to best maintain your bike, road, MTB or gravel.

Knowledge is power.
Unlock your sense of independence and freedom by learning how to care for your bike and what to do when unpredictable mechanical problems arise. Take the bull by the horns and learn the ins and outs of your bicycle. Nothing better than learning from a woman, just like you!

Episode 1 (aired on May 9th, 2020) 

Main topics covered:

• Rim Brakes & pads maintenance (Road)
• Disc brakes 101, why they're noisy and what to do about it! (MTB/Road/Gravel) • Indexing gear on mechanical shifting bikes (non-electronic) (Road)
• Chain 101, plus what to do when the chain breaks on a ride (MTB/Road/Gravel)


Episode 2 (aired on June 13th, 2020)

 Main topics covered: 

• Do's & Don'ts on how to wash bike (with or w/o electronic shifting, or disc vs caliper brakes)
• What to do when seatpost clamp breaks
• How to make sure you're not over tying bolts Best products to maintain your bike (Lubes, Soaps, etc)
• What to do when changing a flat and your tire is really hard to take off or put back on
• What to look for when bottom bracket has issues
• Mounting & Dismounting pedals - hacks
• Essential tools to have at home What to do when hanger gets bent
• Recommendations on handlebars for women and smaller hands.