NGNM Women Crush Wed's ZwiftWe are a transnational tribe!
We go beyond our individual national borders and instead build an international community of women cyclists to ride all together!

It's never been as easy as it's now, and this thanks a wonderful platform like Zwift!

After the success of NGNM's women-only rides in London, Bristol, Amsterdam and Milan, here’s a new platform where we can all meet and do what we love most: riding. 
This is a bigger community across borders to train and have fun 

This is NGNM Women Crush Wednesdays on Zwift
Join us on Wednesdays at 7pm CET on Zwift. 
This is a women-only training ride group.
Here's the schedule in the timezone near you:
6pm (UK)
9pm (Moscow)
3pm (Chile/Sau Paulo)
1pm EST (NYC/ Colombia)
12noon CST (Chicago)
10am PST (LA/SF)
05am Melbourne

Get in on the action by joining our specific FB group for Zwift rides where, besides posting all of the latest news about our rides, we get everyone to interact with each other.
This is the social platform for this ride, a safe place where to exchange tips, questions and experiences with a thriving community of women just like you!

Lastly, fire up the Zwift Companion app on your phone, book your spot in the NGNM Women Crush Wed ride, chat with members during the ride and check how you're doing in addition to your laptop or tablet screen!

See you on Zwift!

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