Açai Bowl - Super food!

In Italy we have a saying along the lines of "the best things come in small packages". And it's certainly true for Açai, a small fruit similar to blueberry packed with beneficial properties and perfect for us athletes. In its powder form is often used for smoothies or as a yogurt topping! Have you ever tried it?

Açai Super Powers

High antioxidant content Calcium, iron, proteins, vitamins A and C, minerals and phytosterols useful against bad cholesterol and natural lipids. Anti-stresser and metabolism booster.

Finally, Açai is a natural remedy for digestive problems thanks to its detoxifying properties. Lastly it contains vegetable fibers important for the health of the intestine.

Try is as a breakfast bowl or a smoothie, in Brasil is considered as a complete meal!


açai bowl ngnm food for athletes

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