For UK and Northern Ireland Customers:

NGNM is a EU merchant who ships out of Italy.
You can now shop on NGNM store regardless of the order value.

As of January 1st 2021, because of the UK exiting the European Union, all orders shipping into the UK and Northern Ireland will be subjected to new Brexit regulations and deemed as international imports from the EU.
As a result, orders shipped from 1st Jan 2021 are now subject to new UK VAT, inbound duties, and customs regulations.

Here are the rules for UK customers shopping on a EU site such as
- all orders above 135 £/156€ (inclusive of shipping fees) are considered as imports, and as such, you will be charged 20% VAT + inbound duties before your package is delivered to you. The shipping carrier (i.e. Fedex) will contact you with the detail of these fees that need to be settled before getting the package delivered to your door.
You can get familiar with some of the import duties consulting your Government website, or using online third party tools. 
Please know that all custom duties calculators are just estimates, and that the actual & final charges are calculated only by the UK customs authorities and charged via the shipping carrier.
NGNM is not responsible, nor is knowledgeable in any way or form, for instructing customers about these charges, nor is responsible for refunding them in case of a return. 

Please read our Terms & Conditions for more infos.

- all orders below 135 £/156€ threshold (inclusive of shipping fees), are custom duties exempt.
Additionally, orders under such threshold are inclusive of a 20% UK VAT, which NGNM will pay to the UK Government on your behalf.
In essence, what you pay on our store is the final price. You won't be charged anything more by UK customs.

At this link the full version of these rules from GOV.UK..


To all international customers purchasing outside of the EU - please know that NGNM is a EU merchant shipping from Italy and that you may incur in custom duties and/or your local VAT charges.
Please get familiar with your local authorities about special trade treaties between Italy and your country, and see if any of these charges apply to you or not.